Highly concentrated disinfectant for medical equipment surfaces

NOSOFLOOR is a high efficacy concentrated solution for the daily cleaning and disinfection of medical device’ surfaces in hospitals, clinics and other health institutions. It is used for the routine disinfection in operating rooms, intensive care units, patient-near areas, etc.

NOSOFLOOR combines a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity and a very good cleaning power.

Its tuberculocidal and mycobactericidal properties are particularly indicated for daily use in dental clinics where saliva projections are numerous and represent a high risk of contamination.

NOSOFLOOR has an excellent compatibility with most materials.


  • Bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal, mycobactericidal
  • Virucidal (HIV, HBV, HCV, Herpes, Vaccinia, BVDV, Influenza, Εbola, Coronavirus…)
  • Surface disinfectant with excellent cleaning properties
  • Very economical: from 0,25% to 1% dilution
  • Does not affect the medical equipment
  • Leaves no residue after drying
  • Does not contain phenols, aldehydes, chlorine or EDTA

Microbiological efficacy

NOSOFLOOR - Microbiological efficacy

* Including all antibiotic resistant bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Streptococcus pneumoniae, etc.)
(1) DVV: Deutsche Vereinigung zur Bekämpfung der Viruskrankheiten (German Association for the Control of Virus Diseases)
(2) RKI: Robert Koch Institute – German Federal Health Authority


NOSOFLOOR is compatible with most materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, glass, ceramics, hard plastics, linoleum, ebonite, etc.

NOSOFLOOR - Highly concentrated disinfectant for floors and surfaces


  • 5 litre canister (Ref. 20025)
  • Dosing pump for 5 litre canister (Ref. 20023)

Physical properties

  • Appearance: Transparent light pink solution
  • Density: 0.99 g/cm3 at 20˚C
  • pH: 12-12.8 at 20˚C
  • pH (1%): 9.5-10.5 at 20˚C
  • Odour: Natural eucalyptus fragrance
  • Storage: 5˚C – 35˚C
  • Stability: 3 Years
  • Biodegradability: according to OCDE 301D


Didecyldimethylammonium chloride, N- (3-aminopropyl) -N dodecylpropano-1,3-diamine, isopropanol, non ionic surfactants <5%, corrosion inhibitor, pH regulator, anti-foaming agent, excipients.

NOSOFLOOR is manufactured in the EU.
MEDALKAN satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001 for quality management system and the requirements of ISO 13485 for the design and manufacture of medical devices.

ISO Certification
  • CE mark according to the medical devices Directive
    (Directive 93/42/EEC)
  • Medical device class IIa