Tri-enzymatic cleaner for endoscopes and surgical instruments

NOSOZYM is a very efficient concentrated enzymatic cleaner for surgical instruments and endoscopes.

NOSOZYM contains a combination of enzymes (protease, lipase, amylase) that degrade proteins, fats, and blood residues. This synergy of enzymes removes biofilm from the internal and external surfaces of the biopsy chains of endoscopes.

Its non-foaming and neutral pH formulation is totally adapted to the cleaning of flexible endoscopes.

NOSOZYM can be used in ultrasonic bath, in automated endoscope washer, in instrument washers, in immersion bath.

NOSOZYM is compatible with all major brands of endoscopes and approved by PENTAX MEDICAL®


  • A new generation of enzymes for an enhanced cleaning action
  • Effectively removes organic residues
  • Dissolves the biofilm
  • Very economical
  • Does not foam
  • Prevents corrosion and instrument discoloration
  • Compatible with heat-sensitive instruments
  • Does not contain aldehydes, phenols, chlorine or EDTA

The cleaning efficiency and biofilm reduction of NOSOZYM has been tested and validated according to ISO 15883-1:2014 and ISO 15883-5:2021.


NOSOΖΥΜ is compatible with most materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, glass, ceramics, hard plastics, ebonite, etc …

Ultrasonic bath

ΝΟSΟΖΥΜ can be used in all common types of ultrasonic baths. it can be used at 0,5% dilution.

Endoscopes - cleaning with enzymes

Cleaning is the critical step in endoscopes reprocessing.

Endoscope cleaning consists of the mechanical cleaning of internal and external surfaces. This includes brushing and flushing of internal channels with sterile, filtered or drinking-quality water and detergent. The purpose of cleaning is to remove all inorganic and organic material from the internal and external surfaces of flexible endoscopes.

If the manual cleaning, brushing and rinsing steps are not properly carried out, protein debris can harden and lead to formation of biofilm on the biopsy channel of the endoscope. Inadequate cleaning can thus result in material remaining on the endoscope surfaces which prevents disinfection and sterilization fluids or gases reaching all parts of potentially contaminated surfaces.

The endoscope should be cleaned with an enzymatic cleaner immediately after use and before manual or automated disinfection.

NOSOZYM contains a combination of specific enzymes. The enzymes break down the soil into tiny fragments, making it water soluble and thus easier to remove by rinsing.

Use NOSOZYM for endoscope cleaning:

  • by manual cleaning
  • in automated reprocessor (follow the manufacturer instructions)
NOSOZYM - Enzymatic detergent for surgical instruments and endoscope


  • 5 litre canister (Ref. 20022)
  • Dosing pump for 5 litre canister (Ref. 20023)

Physical properties

  • Appearance: Light yellow solution
  • Density: 1.02 g/cm3 at 20˚C
  • pH: 7.0 – 8.0 (Neutral) at 20˚C
  • pH (0.2% – 1%): 7.0 – 8.0 (Neutral) at 20˚C
  • Odour: Neutral
  • Storage: 5˚C – 35˚C
  • Stability: 3 Years
  • Biodegradability: According to OCDE 301D


Protease, lipase, amylase, non ionic surfactants <5%, corrosion inhibitor, pH regulator, excipients.

NOSOZYM is manufactured in the EU.
MEDALKAN satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001 for quality management system and the requirements of ISO 13485 for the design and manufacture of medical devices.

ISO Certification

  • Medical device class I
  • CE mark according to the medical devices MDR Regulation (EU) 2017/745